Frut Slot 2 Polygon Days Limited Promotion

Date: 2021–09–18 to 2021–09–19 UTC

Played value reach 50 FRUIT (about 45 MATIC) Get $5 FRUIT as bonus
Played value reach 100 FRUIT (about 90 MATIC) Get $12 FRUIT as bonus

Distribution date: 2021–09–21 10:00 AM UTC
Distriubation way: Directly into qualitied player’s top-up balance

How to join?
1) Connect and top-up 50 FRUIT (about 45 MATIC) or 100 FRUIT (about 90 MATIC)

2) Stake and Play to reach 50 FRUIT or 100 FRUIT
You can take advantage of “Auto” and “Speed” to save your clicks amount and time.

3) Check your balance after 2021–09–20 10:00 AM UTC
Come back to the check your balance and records.