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Fruit's Adventures
3 min readAug 5, 2021


Fruit’s adventures AMA

Can you give our audience a brief introduction of FRUIT?

We find most BSC games is a bit lacking, so we want to create simple, fun, addictive games from childhood and put them onto the blockchain.

Can you introduce the core team members of FRUIT? We hear that the team is highly experienced, can we get some examples?

Alex is formerly series 7 financial advisor and series 63 hedge fund manager and is in charge of Finance. Mark, CEO, runs the biggest b2b site in his region, and biggest loan platform in his region as well. Lion, our CTO, have built successfully gaming platform in the past and many other types of websites.

Can you give our community a brief introduction behind the inspiration to build FRUIT?

As crypto investors, we have invested into many crypto projects, that at the end, is nothing but ponzi schemes with no real product or revenue, just endless token minting pump and dump schemes. We want our tokens to be similar to stock shares, and only used to fund our operations and continue creation of token value in the long run. Also we are gamers ourselves and we found most of the games on BSC are quite lackluster, so we plan on starting with something simple first, and scale up from there.

In the Crypto industry, what do you think of the current state? What do you think that needs to be improved?

This is just the very beginning of the Crypto revolution, similar to the internet back in 1990s, bubbles bursts, but technology continues to evolve and intrinsic value continues to build. For crypto to gain mass adoption it will need to be far more fun and easy to use, and that is something we will be working on in the future. For it to gain attention of mainstream investors, it will need actual consistent revenue instead of hype.

How does the FRUIT team plan to tackle these issues to reach mass adoption?

We will create easy to play games to start, and try to gain wider audiences through social media campaigns, exchange listing, partnership, and create ways for other defi projects to quickly integrate our upcoming games into their sites. we will create tools that let people play and host our games easily.

What is your timeline, and what can we look forward to from FRUIT?

Crypto is a space that is fast moving, we plan on releasing our nft multi player blindbox game next month where people can win nft and tokens. Our version 2 slot is ready for partner integration and will announce our big partner soon. Our Blackjack game will be coming in September. More exchange listing, more partnerships, all will be happening much faster than your typical road map.

Anything else do you want to share with our community?

Our primary objective is to maximize token holder value. We will use the funds raised to gain adoption, usage, and liquidity to continue our operations and create more usage for our tokens. As an early investor to the likes of Axie Infinity and Decentraland, I think there is a lot of room to grow and improve for BSC games. We hope you will invest into our token, so we can build better games.