You can now make money hosting Blackjack games online through our Fruits Adventures app!

Fruit's Adventures
2 min readOct 15, 2021
Fruit Blackjack Game

Fruits Adventures is a combination of fun to play skill games and cryptocurrency trading through Binance. We specialize in creating engaging casino games which utilize our unique currency as a primary asset to trade with and earn through game-play.

Fruits Blackjack allows you to join and create lobbies to bet your tokens against other players and walk away as a winner in games of standard Blackjack on your phone! All you need is an email and username to set up an account, and you can start earning tokens as early as your first win!

How does the Fruits Blackjack work?

Users can create their own rooms with player limits and a selection of house rules, such as minimum and maximum bet. Then, put your tokens in as the initial prize pool. This will be the initial amount that players will bet to win. In any game of blackjack, there’s only one winner who takes the pot the rest of the players bet. In Fruits Blackjack, the house always keeps a small percentage of the winnings for itself — it’s money in your account every time someone else wins in your lobby!

All losses are added to the room’s funds and all wins are subtracted. If you’re good at Blackjack already, it’s just free money as more and more players join. You can only have up to five players in one room at a time, but you can make as many rooms as you want with enough funds. Run your own mini-casino in our app and earn tokens while people play! Or you can join in on the fun and earn with your own skill at the card table!

Once you create a room you will be given a unique link that leads to it. You can invite friends to play on all kinds of apps and they can download the game for free. Once they start playing they will need an account to participate in the betting. Their losses are your winnings. The Fruit Adventures team only charges winners 1% of what they earn.

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Make trading and earning crypto fun with Blackjack! Become a blockchain casino owner or a high stakes card player and walk away with as much Fruit as you can carry!

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